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Why is the world this way?
Why has this all been done?
Why are we all like this?
Why all the hate?
Why can't the gays and lesbians marry?
Why can't we learn from the past?
Why do racism and homophobia exist?
Why can't we give peace a chance?
Why do people take their own lives?
Why do people murder, steal and lie?
Why do we sit around and procrastinate?
Why are we all to blame?
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On the day of April 17,1999 in a town of somewhere in Nevada.Living in the suburb and going to middle school was Casper.
 His mother was Ellise,she was from Scotland and met his father John in France,together they moved to America.About a year a year later Ellise and John had a baby boy named james,but during and after the pregnancy Ellise got very sick and was told by the doctors not to have another child,but four years later she was pregnant again,already decided to name their baby boy Casper,after her grandfather.
 In the hospital,Ellise died while giving birth to Casper. He grew up in a broken home.His father could not look at him because he reminds his father of John's deceased wife.His brother,James despised him,because James thought it was Casper's fault that their mama died.Because of all the neglect,Casper became shy,lonely,and socially awkward.
At 10o'clock,on Casper's birthday,he was alone in his bedroom drawing and listening to music.His dad came home from late night drinking again,and then,out of nowhere John burst into Casper's room with a knife.He stabbed Casper over and over again,warm,sticky blood soaking the carpet and both of them.Finally,John looked down at what he did....he couldn't believe it.He...h-he killed his baby boy.Dropping the knife he hold the lifeless and limp body and cradled it in his arms.Crying....he broke his promise to his loved wife to keep their baby okay.
He was sentenced to life in prison,but his son the other hand,after visiting his mother in heaven ,he became a guardian angel in the Lord's behalf.Casper roamed the earth for his child to take care of and always be there for them.He met three year old Ally,and as she grew she became a beautiful young lady,and Casper fell in love with her.Ally just turned twelve years old,she sensed things,her supernatural powers became more powerful.Then one day,she grew in "the eye of Shidi-yota-Gami".it has the power to see the dead.Finally after years of being shunned by the universe,Ally saw him and spoke to him.They fell in love and a promise was made that Ally would resurrect him and live happily ever after.They did,and got married and had three kids,Onix, Ekans ,and Eevee.Their love was never broken....


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Slenderman's daughter, demon mix species. i <3 gummy bears and cupcakes.


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